Dogs Behaving Better
Talbot TTouch LLC


Services include positive reinforcement and TTouch for dogs and puppies. We offer private dog training and day training in Easton, Oxford, St Michaels, and surrounding areas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 

Services & Rates

We offer private dog & puppy training consultations and packages for behavior issues. These include poor manners, "not listening," reactivity, pulling on leash, aggression, hyperactivity, jumping up, excessive barking, resource guarding, being nervous/shy/fearful, resistant to handling, and more. 

Private dog training at home- black portuguese water dog puppy, potty training, chewing in Maryland.

Private Sessions at Your Home: Why and What to Expect

  • Convenient for you, easier for your dog.

  • Your dog gets trained in the locations where problems occur.

  • Seeing the layout allows me to advise better solutions.

  • We’ll decide how to prevent the undesirable habits until better behaviors can be learned.

  • I’ll ask lots of questions and come up with a training plan.

  • You’ll get some helpful hand-outs.

  • I also supply (and fit) no-pull harnesses, calming products, and enrichment toys.

  • I’m pleased to offer support between visits by e-mail, to keep you on track and answer any questions that may arise.

Day training homeschool for pitbull puppy and dog in Maryland.

Real-Life Skills your dog will learn include: 

  • Your name means look at me, pay attention

  • Say Please (automatically) for food, toys, at doors, etcetera

  • Come when called

  • Sit/Down and Stay until released

  • Walk on a loose leash

  • Leave It and Drop It

  • Polite greetings at home and in public

  • Relax on a mat in certain situations

  • Get into a crate and harness voluntarily

  • Wait (stand still for a moment)

  • Ring a bell to go out

  • Accept paw wiping, towel drying, brushing,
    nail trims, vet handling, etcetera

* To make more good choices On His/Her Own

* To be more connected and responsive to you


Initial consult (except Young puppies): 

$125 for 1.5 hours 

Subsequent sessions:

A package is the best way to accomplish your goals, with sessions once weekly or TBD.

Behavior consultation for aggressive dog or puppy in Maryland.

Prepaid packages:  

includes CLICKER, trAINING bag, healthy treats, and FREE or Discounted enrichment toys chosen for your dog's AGE, needs, and preferences.

Plus I OFFER support by email or phone, so you can reach your goals.

  • 3 sessions: $295

Dog training packages with positive reinforcement trainer in Maryland.
  • 5 sessions: $475

Puppy training packages with clicker trainer in Maryland.
  • 7 sessions: $595

Dog training for fearful, aggressive, reactive, dominant, alpha dog in Maryland.

*For homes outside Talbot County, an additional fee for travel will be based on driving time. Please inquire.


I credit Lisa with turning our dog from insecure and apathetic to vibrant and happy. Her program of positive reinforcement showed results from Day One. Her patience, kindness, and skill helped instill confidence in Runner and
my husband and me.
— Sheila B.
Spicy and Ann dog training and communication in Maryland.