Dogs Behaving Better
Talbot TTouch LLC

Dogs Behaving Better

Private dog training and day training in Easton, Oxford, St Michaels, and surrounding areas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We use positive reinforcement dog training and Tellington TTouch methods for dog behavior modification. Commonly, clients may have a new puppy, shy dog, reactive dog, aggressive dog, fearful or anxious dog, or hyperactive dog. Owned by certified professional dog trainer Lisa Benshoff, CPDT-KA.

Would You Like...

Your dog to be more:

Easton Maryland dog training and puppy training.
  • Calm

  • Confident

  • Attentive

  • Cooperative

  • Self-controlled

  • Able to cope

Instead of:

Oxford, St. Michaels, Cambridge, Queenstown, and Chestertown dog training for dogs that are reactive, aggressive, fearful, biting, shy, barking, jumping, and mouthy.
  • Reactive or aggressive
  • Destructive chewing
  • Fearful, anxious
  • Unruly, mouthy
  • Leash pulling
  • Sensitive to noises
  • Shy or nervous
  • Hyperactive, too excitable
  • "Not listening”
  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping up
  • Resistant to handling


Offering private in-home dog training, from puppies to seniors. Serving clients in Easton, Oxford, St Michaels, Cambridge, Queenstown and Chestertown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


Private dog training in your home in Easton Maryland.


I come to your home, where your dog is most comfortable. I teach skills that dogs need in everyday life, as well as solutions for behavior issues. One of my specialties is loose-leash walking. 

Lisa Benshoff, CPDT-KA dog trainer and TTouch practitioner owns Dogs Behaving Better.

About Me

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer   (CPDT-KA)
  • Guild Certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner
  • Educated, experienced, skilled, creative
  • Committed to gentle, effective methods and improving dog-human communication
Positive reinforcement clicker dog training and puppy trainer in Easton Maryland.

Fun, Personalized Training

Learning should be fun and force-free! As a positive trainer, I teach what *to do* instead of what not to do. I also help dogs to become well-behaved by promoting calmness, impulse control, and confidence. Clicker training plus TTouch is usually faster and more effective than other methods.

Lisa was invaluable in helping us understand our standard poodle puppy, Luke, and how to help him overcome his issues ...We highly recommend her to anyone who wants a better behaving dog. Thank you, Lisa, for all you’ve done for us.
— Clare & Don B.
Luke, Clare, and Don poodle puppy training and behavior modification in Maryland.

Fred and Donna Doberman Rottweiler dog training and behavior in Maryland.
To see how quickly she went from ‘No way, dude’ to ‘Oh boy, let’s do it again’ is AMAZING! ...You’re the best, thank you!
— Fred and Donna F.

I credit Lisa with turning our dog from insecure and apathetic to vibrant and happy. Her program of positive reinforcement showed results from Day One. Her patience, kindness, and skill helped instill confidence in Runner and
my husband and me.
— Sheila B.
Gretchen and Vicki dog training for bernese mountain dog in Maryland.