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Reactivity to Strangers: Is Your Dog Protecting You?

When a dog reacts to an unfamiliar person coming towards him with raised hackles, barking, growling, and lunging, is he being aggressive? Protecting his people? These are two very common interpretations by guardians who are unaware of other, much more likely reasons for this behavior. 

Don’t assume it’s about You.

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Lisa Benshoff
Inside Out vs. Outside In

Getting dogs to go outside is usually not a problem. Getting them to come back in can be challenging. You probably already know that reaching out to grab the collar just starts a game of Keep Away. Instead of nagging, pleading, or getting angry (which doesn’t make it any easier for your dog to come to you), here are four new ways to get your dog to come inside when called. Let me know which one works for you! 

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A Positive Perspective on Leash Pulling, Part 1 of 2

Imagine your dog (or one you know) walking on a loose leash. Both of you are relaxed and in balance because neither party is pulling on or leaning against the leash. You’re connected with each other mentally, not just physically, and making frequent eye contact—just as human companions do. There is minimal pressure on you, the dog, or the leash. Your dog is choosing to stay near you, and also has the space to sniff and explore a bit without pulling. When you stop, he stops automatically. Nice! 

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