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Food for Thought: Treats Are Rewards, Not Bribes

Look, it’s the treat lady! . . . He’s only doing that because of the treats.. . . She won’t pay attention to me because she likes your treats better.

These are things I commonly hear from clients. Sure, dogs always love my treats, which are really tasty (apparently). And I do pay out a lot of them in a lesson. But not for free! They have to be earned by offering behaviors I want. 

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Why Click Instead of Just Praising Your Dog?

I get this question pretty often from people who are new to clicker training. The basic explanation is that while praise may be fine for maintaining an existing skill, the click (or verbal marker) is simply the best, fastest way to teach new cues and skills. The click provides both information and motivation; both are necessary for learning in all species.

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Lisa Benshoff